King Lear, [3.7.104-108]. Second Servant. “Let’s follow the old Earl, and get the Bedlam/ To lead him where he would. His roguish madness/ Allows itself to anything.” Third Servant. “Go thou. I’ll fetch some flax and whites of eggs/ To apply to his bleeding face. Now, heaven help him!”


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  1. Plants in King Lear « PLANTS Says:

    […] Cuckoo-flowers: Lear’s crown, [4.4.1-8]; Darnel: Lear’s crown [4.4.1-8]. Flax: [3.7.104-108]. Fumitor: Lear’s crown, [4.4.1-8]. Furrow weed: Lear’s crown, [4.4.1-8]. Hardock: […]

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