Hazel nuts and twigs, flowers, kernels

Taming of the Shrew, [2.1.239-253]. Petruchio. “No, not a whit. I find you passing gentle./ ‘Twas told me you were rough and coy and sullen,/ And now I find report a very liear,/ For thou are pleasant, gamesome, passing courteous,/ But slow in speech, yet sweet as spring-time flowers,/ Thou canst not frown, thou canst not look askance,/ Nor bit the lip, as angry wenches will,/ Nor has thou pleasure to be cross in talk;/ But thou with mildness entertain’st thy wooers,/ With gentle conference, soft and affable./ Why does the world report that Kate doth limp?/ O sland’rous world! Kate like the hazel-twig/ Is straight and slender, and as brown in hue/ As hazel nuts, and sweeter than the kernels./ O, let me seee thee walk. thou dost not halt.”

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    […] Hazelnut: chariot Romeo and Juliet [1.4.53-71]; as source of offense, Romeo and Juliet [3.1.16-24]; Taming of the Shrew, [2.1.239-253]. […]

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