Fico (fig)

Merry Wives of Windsor, [1.3.26-28]. Nym. “The good humor is to steal at a minute’s rest.” Pistol. “‘Convey,’ the wise call it. “Steal”? Foh! A fico for the phrase!”

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  1. Shakespeare’s Plants (alphabetical) « PLANTS Says:

    […] Fig, Henry the Fifth [3.6.59-62]. (Pistol) “Die and be damned! and figo for thy friendship!” Fluellen: “It is well.” Pistol: “The fig of Spain!” Fluellen: “Very good.” Anthony and Cleopatra, long life better than [1.2.32-35]; in act 5; virtue, a fig, Othello, [1.3.322-335]; “bless’d fig’s end”, Othello, [2.1.251-255]; Midsummer Nights Dream, [3.1.162-165]; ‘Fig me’ King Henry 4.2, [5.3.117-121]; King Henry The Sixth, Pt. II, [2.3.59-71]; King John, [2.1.160-163]; Merry Wives of Windsor, [1.3.26-28]. […]

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