Taming of the Shrew, [5.1.36-40]. Vincentio. (seeing Birondello) “Come hither, crack-hemp.” Birondello. “I hope I may choose, sir.”

A crack-hemp seems actually to be a bird.

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  1. Shakespeare’s Plants (alphabetical) « PLANTS Says:

    […] Hemp: Midsummer Night’s Dream, [3.1.72-73]; hempseed (reference to noose) King Henry 4.2, [2.1.55-57]; hempen caudle, King Henry the Sixth, Part II, [4.7.82-86]; King Henry the Sixth, Part II, [4.7.82-86]; crack-hemp (a bird?) Taming of the Shrew, [5.1.36-40]. […]

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