Moss, mistletoe, yew, tree

Titus Andronicus, [2.3.91-108]. Bassianus. “have I not reason, think you, to look pale?/ These two have ‘tice me hither to this place./ A barren detested vale you see it is;/ The trees, thou summer, yet forlorn and lean,/ Overcome with moss and baleful mistleltoe;/ Here never shines the sun; here nothing breeds,/ Unless the nightly owl or fatal raven./ And when they show’d me this abhorred pit,/ They toldl me, here, at dead time of the night,/ A thousand fiends, a thousand hissing snakes,/ Ten thousand swelling toads, as many urchins,/ Would make such fearful and confused cries/ As any mortal body hearing it/ Should straight fall mad, or else die suddenly./ No sooner had they told this hellish tale,/ but straight they told me they would bind me here/ Unto the body of a dismal yew,/ And leave me to this miserable death.”

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