Costard, rose, posie

Merry Wives of Windsor, [3.1.11-25]. Evans. “Pless my soul, how full of chollors I am, and trempling of mind! I shall be glad if he have deceiv’d me. How melancholies I am! I will knog his urinals about his knave’s costard when I have good opportunity for the ork. Pleass my soul!” [sings.] “‘To shallow rivers, to whose falls/ Melodious birds sings mardrigals;/ There will we make our peds of roses,/ And a thousand fragrant posies. To shallow–‘ Mercy on me! I have a great dispositions to cry.” [sings.] “‘Melodious birds sing madrigals–/ When as I sat in Pabylon–/ And a thousand vagram posies. To shallow,’ etc.”

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