Rosemary and bays

Pericles, [4.6.143-153]. Bawd. “Boult, take her away; use her at thy pleasure. Crack the glass of her virginity, and make the rest malleable.” Boult. “An if she were a thornier piece of ground than she is, she shall be plough’d.” Marina. “Hark, hark, you gods!” Bawd. “She conjures. Away with her! Would she had never come within my doors! Marry, hang you! She’s born to undo us. Will you not go the way of womenkind? Marry, come up, my dish of chastity with rosemary and bays!”


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    […] Bay tree: King Richard II, [2.4.7-14]; King Henry VIII, [4.2.stage direction]; Pericles, [4.6.143-153]. […]

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