Cork, flap-dragon

The Winter’s Tale, [3.3.86-99]. Clown. “O, the most piteous cry of the poor souls! Sometimes to see ’em, and not to see ’em; now the ship boring the moon with her mainmast, and anon swallow’d with yest and froth, as you’d thrust a cork into a hogshead. And then for the land-service, to see how the bear tore out his shoulder-bone; how he cried to me for help and said his name was Antigonus, a nobleman. But to make an end of the ship, to see how the sea flap-dragon’d it; but, first, how the poor souls roar’d, and the sea mock’d them; and how the poor genteman roar’d and the bear mock’d him, both roaring louder than the sea or weather.”


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