Love’s Labor’s Lost, [5.2.316-321]. Berowne. “This fellow pecks up wit as pigeons pease,/ And utters it again when God doth please./ He is wit’s pedler, and retailsl his wares/ At wakes and wassails, meetings, markets, fairs;/ And we that sell by gross, the Lord doth know,/ Have not the grace to grace it with such show.”

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  1. Shakespeare’s Plants (alphabetical) « PLANTS Says:

    […] Pease: peas and beans, Henry IV.1, [2.1.8-13]; pease Love’s Labor’s Lost, [5.2.316-321]; Tempest, [4.1.60-75]; peascod King Henry 4.2, [2.4.142-147]; As You Like It, […]

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