Love’s Labor’s Lost, [4.3.79-87]. Dumaine. “O most divine Kate!” Berowne. “O most profane coxcomb!” Dumaine. “By heaven the wonder in a mortal eye!” Berowne. “By earth, she is not, corporal, there you lie.” Dumaine. “Her amber hairs for foul hath amber quoted.” Berowne. “An amber-color’d raven was well noted.” Dumaine. “As upright as the cedar.” Berowne. “Stoop, I say;/ her shoulder is with child.” Dumaine. “As fair as day.” Berowne. “Ay, as some days; but then no sun must shine.”

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    […] King Henry VIII, [5.5.48-56]; The Rape of Lucrece, [659-665]; Love’s Labor’s Lost, [4.3.79-87]; Coriolanus, [5.3.56-62]; Titus Andronicus, [4.3.42-51]; Cymbeline, [4.4.138-144] also […]

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