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Plants In The Passionate Pilgrim

September 28, 2007

Ivy: [19.9-16]. Lily: [7.1-6]. Myrtle: [20.1-12], [19.9-16]; [11.1-4]. Oak: [5.1-4]. Plum: [10.1-6]. Posy: [19.9-16]. Rose: [19.9-16]; [10.1-6]; damask, [7.1-6]. Willow: osier [5.1-4], osier [6.1-6].

General References: straw [7.13-16]; bud, flower [10.1-6]; flower [13.6-12]; flower [14.25-28]; blossom, leaves [16.1-8]; green plant [17.25-28]; straw, bud [19.9-16]; tree, plant, thorn [20.1-12]; tree [20.19-22].



September 28, 2007

The Passionate Pilgrim, [6.1-6]. “Scarce had the sun dried up the dewy morn,/ And scarce the herd gone to the hedge for shade,/ When Cytherea, all in love forlorn,/ A longing tarriance for Adonis made/ Under an osier growing by a brook,/ A brook where Adonis us’d to cool his spleen.”

Lily, damask

September 28, 2007

The Passionate Pilgrim, [7.1-6]. “Fair is my love, but not so fair as fickle;/ Mild as a dove, but neither true nor trusty;/ Brighter than glass, and yet, as glass is, brittle;/ Softer than wax, and yet, as iron, rusty./ A lily pale, with damask dye to grace her,/ None fairer, nor none falser to deface her.”


September 28, 2007

The Passionate Pilgrim, [7.13-16]. “She burnt with love, as straw with fire flameth;/ She burnt out love, as soon as straw outburneth;/ She fram’d the love, and yet she foil’d the framing;/ She bade love last, and yet she fell a-turning.”

Rose, plum, bud, flower

September 28, 2007

The Passionate Pilgrim, [10.1-6]. “Sweet rose, fair flower, untimely pluck’d, soon vaded,/ Pluck’d in the bud, and vaded in the spring!/ Bright orient pearl, alack, too timely shaded!/ Fair creature, kill’d too soon by death’s sharp sting!/ Like a green plum that hangs upon a tree,/ And falls, through wind, before the fall should be.”