Henry the Sixth, Part III, [5.7.1-15]. King Edward. “Once more we sit in England’s royal throne,/ Repurchas’d with the blood of enemies./ What valiant foemen, like to autumn’s corn,/ Have we mow’d down in tops of all their pride!/ Three Dukes of Somerset, threefold renown’d/ for hardy and undoubted champions;/ Two Cliffords, as the father and the son,/ And two Northumberlands –two braver men/ Ne’er spurr’d their coursers at the trumpet’s sound;/ With them, the two brave bears, Warwick and Montague,/ That in their chains fetter’d the kingly lion/ And made the forest tremble when they roar’d./ Thus have we swept suspicion for our sweat/ And made our footstool of security./ Come hither, Bess, and let me kiss my boy.”

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