Plum tree, damsons

King Henry The Sixth, Pt. II, [2.94-105]. Cardinal. “What, art thou lame?” Simpcox. “Ay, God Almighty help me!” Suffolk. “How cam’st thou so?” Simpcox. “A fall off a tree.” Wife. “A plum-tree, master.” Gloucester. “How long has thou been blind?” Simpcox. “O, born so, master.” Gloucester. “What, and wouldst climb a tree?” Simpcox. “But that in an all my life, when I was a youth.” Wife. “Too true, and bought his climbing very dear.” Gloucester. “Mass, thou lov’dst plums well that wouldst venture so.” Simpcox. “Alas good master, my wife desired some damsons,/ and made me climb, with danger of my life.” Gloucester. “A subtle knave! But yet it shall not serve./ Let me see thine eyes. Wink now; now open them./ In my opinion yet thou see’st not well.”

Damson, a cultivated variety of plum.

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