Plants in King Henry the Fifth

Apples: heads crushed like [3.7.148-152]. Burnet: [5.2.33-59]. Clover: [5.2.33-59]. Cowslip: [5.2.33-59]. Darnel: [5.2.33-59].Dock: [5.2.33-59]. Fig: “Figo for thy friendship” [3.6.59-62]. Ginger: [3.7.19-25]. Grass: [1.1.60-66]; mowing like grass [3.3.10-14]. Hemlock: [5.2.33-59]. Kecksy: [5.2.33-59]. Leek: [4.7.100-106], (the leek’s seven mentions in Act V scene i are also listed in this post). Nettle, [1.1.60-66]. Nutmeg: [3.7.19-25]. Strawberry: [1.1.60-66]. Thistle: [5.2.33-59]. Vine: [5.2.33-59]. Violet: [4.1.102-106].

General References: velvet buds, honey bees [1.2.183-204]; flowers [2.3.12-18]; stock and stem [2.4.12-18]; scions and grafters [3.5.5-9]; fruit [3.5.14-26]; weed [4.1.4-12]; flower-de-luce [5.2.214-218].


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