Plants in Homer

Main problem I know about with this one is that I’ve listed mentions of φηγος under the oak, which is what Cunliffe says, when it seems actually to be the beech…. Also “Rosy-fingered dawn” went completely beneath my radar.

Acorn (βαλανον, acorn, fruit of φηγος): Odyssey [10.237-243]; Odyssey [13.407-410]. Alder, (κληθρη): Odyssey [5.63-74]; Odyssey [5.237-243]. Apple, (μηλεαι): “apple-colored” Odyssey [7.102-107]; Alkinoos’ orchardsOdyssey [7.112-128];Odyssey [11.587-592]; Odyssey [24.336-334]. Ash: Iliad [16.765-776]; Odyssey [17.336-347]. Ash spear (μελιη and ευμμελιης): […]; forgetting to pull the ashen spear from the leg of Sarpedon,Iliad [5.655-667]; pulled from Sarpedon, Iliad[5.692-698]; pulled from Adrestos, Iliad[6.61-65]; “people of Priam of the strong Ash spear” Iliad [6.447-449]; “people of Priam of the strong Ash spear”, Iliad[8.448-452];Iliad [13.593-597]; Iliad[15.713-718]; Iliad [16.114-121]; Iliad [16.139-144]; Iliad [16.808-815]; Iliad[17.9-17];Iliad [17.50-60, 23, 59]; Iliad[19.357-364]; Iliad [19.387-391];Iliad [20.267-272]; Iliad[20.273-281];Iliad [20.318-324]; five mentions Iliad[21.161-182]; Iliad[22.131-135]; Iliad[22.224-227];Iliad [22.293-296];Iliad [22.328-330];Odyssey [3.400-402]; Odyssey[14.276-284];Odyssey [22.259 and 276]. Asphodel, (ασφοδελος): Odyssey[11.538-540]; Odyssey [11.572-575]; [24.311-14]. Barley, (ουλαι): Iliad[1.458]; Iliad[2.410-411, 421]; Odyssey[3.439-446]. Barley (κρι): […]Iliad [11.67-71]; Iliad[20.490-503]; Odyssey [4.39-43]; Odyssey[4.601-604]; Odyssey[9.105-111];Odyssey [12.352-358];Odyssey [19.106-114]. Barley (αλφιτον): Iliad[5.192-196]; Iliad[8.562-565]; in Hecamede’s potion, [11.627-639];Iliad [18.554-560]; Odyssey[2.288-292]; Odyssey[2.348-356] and [2.380]; Odyssey[10.233-236]; Odyssey[10.517-525; also 11.28]; [14.72-79]; Odyssey[14.425-432]; Odyssey[19.194-198];Odyssey [20.105-110]. Bean, (κυαμος): Iliadblack-skinned, [13.588-592]. Made of Boxwood, (πυξινος): Iliad[23.268-274]. Fragrant with Cedar, (κεδρινος): Iliad[24.188-192];Odyssey [5.55-61]. Chick pea, (ερεβινθος): Iliad[13.588-592]. Clover (λωτος): Iliad[12.276-289];Iliad [14.346-352];Iliad [21.342-355];Odyssey [4.601-604]. Clover, (αγρωστις): Odyssey[6.85-95]. Ear of Corn, (σταχυς): Iliad[23.596-599]. Standing Corn, (ληιον):Iliad [2.147-152]. “As when the west wind moves across the grain deep standing,/ boisterously, and shakes and sweeps it till the tassles lean, so/ all of that assembly was shaken, and the men in tumult/ swept to the ships, and underneath their feet the dust lifted/ and rose high, and the men were all shouting to one another/ to lay hold on the ships and drag them down to the bright sea”; Iliad[23.596-599]. Straw of Corn (καλαμη): Iliad[19.221-227];Odyssey [14.211-215]. Cornel, (κρανεια):Odyssey [10.237-243]. Cypress, (κυπαρισσος): Odyssey[5.63-74]; [17.336-347]. Rich in corn-land, (ζειδωρον αρουρον): Iliad[5.610-614]; donkey (aias) eating corn in spite of attacking children,Iliad [11.556-564]; Iliad[20.219-229];Odyssey [3.1-3];Odyssey [4.226-232]; Odyssey[5.462-463]; Odyssey[7.330-333];Odyssey [9.355-359]; Odyssey[11.305-310]; Odyssey[12.384-388]; Odyssey[13.353-357]; Odyssey[19.589-594]. Rich cornland, (πιειραν αρουραν): Odyssey[2.325-330]. Cornel, (κρανεια): Iliad[16.765-776]. Crocus, (κροκος): Iliad[14.346-352]. Elm, (πτελεη): around the grave mound of Eetion, Iliad[6.414-420]; Iliad[21.240-246]; Iliad[21.342-355]. Wild Fig, (ερινεος):: simile dealing with the swiftness of Ares’ recuperation, Iliad[5.899-906]; where Troy is openest to attack Iliad[6.429-437]; trojans retreating by, Iliad[11.166-174]; Iliad [21.37-44]; Iliad[22.145-147]; [12.101-104]; Odyssey[12.430-441]. Fig, (συκεαι): Alkinoos’ orchards [7.112-128]; Odyssey [11.587-592]; Laertes orchards Odyssey[24.242-250]; Odyssey[24.336-334]. Fir, (ελατη): “fell as two tall pine trees” Iliad[5.554-560]; [2.422-427]; Odyssey[5.237-243];Odyssey [15.287-291]. Grapes, Iliad[2.87-94]. “Like the swarms of the clustering bees that issue forever/ in fresh bursts from the hollow in the stone, and hang like/ bunched grapes as they hover beneath the flowers in springtime/ fluttering in swarms together this way and that way/ so the many nations of men from the ships and the shelters along the front of the deep see beach marched in order/ by companies to the assembly.” Iliad [14.286-291]; Iliad[24.448-456]. Galingale (?), (κυπειρον): Iliad[21.342-355];Odyssey [4.601-604]. Grain, (σιτος): Odyssey[13.241-249]. Grain, (καρπος): Odyssey [7.102-107]. Grape, (σταφυλη): shield of Achilleus, Iliad[18.561-572]; Odyssey[5.63-74]; OdysseyAlkinoos’ orchards [7.112-128];Odyssey [24.336-334]. Grape, (βοτρυς): shield of Achilleus, Iliad [18.561-572]. Grape vines, (αμπελος): Odyssey[9.105-111]; Odyssey [9.131-135]; Laertes orchards Odyssey[24.242-250]. Grass: (λεχεποιης, ποιηεις, ποιη): Iliad [4.382-384]; Iliad[9.149-152]; Iliad[14.346-352]; Iliad[20.4-12]; Odyssey grassy corners [4.335-340]; of the meadows Odyssey [6.119-126]; Odyssey[9.447-452]; Odyssey [16.393-398];Odyssey [18.365-375]. Hyacinthe, (υακινθος): Iliad[14.346-352]; locks like hyacinthine petals, Odyssey [6.224-231]; same, Odyssey[23.152-163]. Fruit of Ilex, (ακυλος): Odyssey[10.237-243]. Laurel, (δαφνη): Odyssey [9.181-186]. Leek, (πρασιη): Laertes’ orchards, Odyssey [24.242-250]. Lotus, (λωτυς): Odyssey[9.82-104]; Odyssey[23.310-313]. Millet, (ζειαι): Odyssey[4.601-604]. Molu: Odyssey, [10.302-306]. Oak, φηγος: Iliad[5.692-698]; groaning of oaken axles, [5.835-839]; outside Skaian gates,Iliad [6.237-241]; Athene and Apollo meeting by, then perching on (in the shape of vultures)Iliad [7.17-25 and 54-62]; outside skaian gates [9.351-354]; outside gate,Iliad Trojans fighting staunchly by Iliad [11.166-174];Iliad[16.765-776], [23.116-122]; Iliad[23.326-333]. Oak, δρυς: flood sweeping oaks and pines as driftwood (Aias), Iliad [11.492-497]; Iliad [12.131-136]; Iliad[13.389-393]; Iliad[14.394-401]; Iliad [14.409-420]; Iliad [16.482-486]; translated as ‘tree’, Iliad[18.554-560]; Iliad [21.544-549]; Odyssey [9.181-186];Odyssey [12.352-358]; [14.5-13]; oak of Dodona,Odyssey [14.327-330];Odyssey [14.425-432];Odyssey [19.157-163]; [19.287-299]; Odyssey[21.42-50]. Oats: […] White barley”,Iliad [5.192-196];”white barley and oats”Iliad [8.562-565]. Olive, (ελαιης): Odyssey[5.474-485]; OdysseyAlkinoos’ orchards [7.112-128];Odyssey [9.319-320] and [9.375-394]; Odyssey [11.587-592]; Odyssey[13.102-112]; Odyssey[13.119-124]; [13.345-349]; [13.372-373]; OdysseyOdysseus’ bed [23.190-204]; OdysseyLaertes orchards [24.242-250]. Olive tree, (ελαιη): Iliad[17.50-60]. Olive wood (ελαινεος): Iliad[13.610-613]. “Oλυραι” (unknown grain): with white barley Iliad [5.192-196]. Onion, κρομυον: in Hecamede’s potion, Iliad[11.627-639]; Odyssey[19.225-234]. Palm, (Φοινιξ): Odyssey[6.160-169].Parsley, (σελινον):Odyssey [5.63-74]. Pear, (ογχγαι): OdysseyAlkinoos’ orchards [7.112-128]; Odyssey[11.587-592]; Odyssey[24.232-240]; Odyssey Laertes orchards [24.242-250]; Odyssey [24.336-334]. Pomegranate, (ροιαι): OdysseyAlkinoos’ orchards [7.112-128]; Odyssey[11.587-592]. Plane Tree, Platanistos, -ou, ‘n. Iliad[2.305-310]. “…And we beside a spring and upon the sacred altars/ were accomplishing complete hecatombs to the immortals/ under a fair plane tree whence ran the shining of water./ There appeared a great sign; a snake, his back blood-mottled,/ a thing of horror, cast into the light by the very Olympian,/ wound its way from under the altar and made toward the plane tree.” Pine, (πιτυς): Iliad[13.389-393]; [16.482-486]; Odyssey [9.181-186]. Pine, (πευκη): flood sweeping oaks and pines as driftwood (Aias), Iliad[11.492-497]; Iliad [23.326-333]. Black Poplar, αιγειρος. Iliad [4.482-487]; [5.63-74]; Odyssey[5.237-243]; Odysseygrove sacred to Athene [6.291-294]; Odyssey[7.102-107]; Odyssey[9.140-121];Odyssey [10.508-512]; Odyssey[17.204-214]. White Poplar, (αχεροις): Iliad [13.389-393]; Iliad[16.482-486]. Poppy head, (κωδεια): Iliad[14.493-507]. Reed used as thatch, (οροφος): Iliad[24.448-456]. Thicket of Reed, (δονακευς): Iliad [18.573-581]. Rose-scented, (ροδοεις): Iliad[23.184-191]. Rush, (θρυον): Iliad[21.342-355]. Rushes: (βαθυσχοινος) Iliad[4.382-384]; (σχοινος):Odyssey [5.462-463]. Saffron (“in saffron robe”, κροκοπεπλος): Iliad[23.226-228]. Shrub‘, (φυλιη): Odyssey[5.474-485]. Seaweed, (φυκος):Iliad [9.1-8]. Abounding in Sea-weed, (φυκιοεις): Iliad[23.692-697]. Sweetwood‘ (θυον): Odyssey [5.55-61]. Tamarisk, (μυρικη): Adestos’ horses running afowl inIliad [6.37-50]; Iliad[10.465-468];Iliad [21.17-26];Iliad [21.342-355]. Thistledown, (ακανθα): Odyssey[5.327-330]. Violet, (ιων):Odyssey [5.63-74]. Vine (ημερις):Odyssey [5.63-74]. Wheat, πυρος: Iliad[11.67-71]; [4.601-604]; Odyssey[9.105-111];Odyssey [19.535-553];Odyssey [20.105-110]. Wheat-deep, (πολυπυρος):Iliad [11.752-758]; Iliad[15.372-376]; Odyssey[15.404-406];Odyssey [16.393-398]; Odyssey[19.157-163]; Odyssey[19.287-299]. Wheat-bearing land (αρουρα πυροφορος): πυροφορος,Iliad [12.309-316]; Iliad[14.119-125]; Iliad[21.600-607]; Odyssey[3.495-497];Odyssey [14.334-338]. Wheat-flour, (αλειατα): [20.105-110]. Willow, (ιτεη): Iliad[21.342-355]; Odyssey[10.508-512].

General references, Iliad (books 12-24): underbrush (ρωπηια): [13.197-205]; trees with towering leaves [13.434-440]; flower of youth (ηβη ανθος), [13.481-486]; tree (φυτον) [14.119-125]; olive oil [14.169-174]; berry-like (μοροεις): [14.182-185]; hidden among branches (οζος), [14.286-291]; Corn-fed (ακοστεω): [15.263-270]; young tree (ερνος) [18.52-60]; olive oil [18.343-353]; young tree (ερνος) [18.435-441]; fruit (καρπον) [18.561-572]; olive oil, garlands [18.590-599]; sapling, young tree (ορπηξ) [21.37-44]; plant (φυτον) [21.257-264]; trees [21.333-339]; leaves [21.461-467]; ‘sweet branch’ (θαλος) [22.79-89]. tree (δρυς) [22.122-130]; bush (θαμνος) [22.188-192]; olive oil [23.184-191]; olive oil [23.279-282]; flowery (ανθεμοεις) [23.884-886]; [24.587-591].

General references, Odyssey (1-24): olive oil [2.347-343]; flowery bowl [3.439-446]; olive oil [3.464-469]; olive oil [4.49-51]; olive oil [4.250-256]; tree (δενδρον) [4.455-459]; tall trees (δενδρεα μακρα) [5.237-243]; leaves [5.474-485]; leaves [5.486-491]; olive oil [6.75-80]; bush, leafy branch [6.126-134]; shoot of a tree, (δορυ) [6.160-169]; olive oil [6.211-216]; petals [6.224-231]; flowering (θαλλω), [6.291-294]; leaves, olive oil [7.102-107]; tree (δενδρον) [7.112-128]; bushes and leaves [7.284-289]; olive oil [8.358-366]; olive oil [8.454-457]; leaf-trembling, [9.19-23]; leaves and flowers [9.47-53]; fruit and flowering food [9.82-104]; lofty and leafy (υψικομος) [9.181-186]; pliant twig (λυγος) [9.425-431]; growing twigs and withes (ρωπες, λυγος) [10.164-172]; olive oil: [10.364-367]; [10.449-451];leaves [11.188-196]; flowering meadow [12.158-164]; trees [13.194-196]; shrubbery (αχερδος) [14.5-13]; young tree (ερνος) [14.175-179]; flowering thicket [14.353-357]; brushwood (ρωπας) [16.46-50]; olive oil [17.84-90]; green stuff (θαλλος) [17.219-229]; berry-like (μοροεις) [18.295-303]; tall trees [18.356-364]; trees [19.106-114]; leaves [19.439-443]; olive oil [19.503-507]; olive oil [19.503-507]; thicket [22.465-472]; many trees [22.137-140]; olive oil [23.152-163]; bush and long leaves [23.190-204]; prickles and plant [24.221-23]; plant [24.242-250]; bowl with flowers [24.274-279]; olive oil [24.365-371].

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