As You Like It, [5.1.31-35]. Touch. “The heathen philosopher, when he had a desire to eat a grape,/ would open his lips when he put it into his mouth,/ meaning thereby that grapes were made to eat and lips to open. You do love this maid?”

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    […] Grape: song to Bacchus, Antony and Cleopatra [2.7.19-144], Egypt’s grape, [5.2.337-339]; “the wine she drinks is made of grapes”, Othello, [2.1.251-255]; Midsummer Nights Dream, [3.1.162-165]; All’s Well That Ends Well, [2.1.69-72]; All’s Well That Ends Well, [2.3.99-101]; Measure for Measure, [2.1.128-133]; Timon of Athens, [4.3.433-440]; Coriolanus, [5.4.16-20]; As You Like It, [5.1.31-35]. […]

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