Plants in All’s Well That Ends Well

Date: [1.1.159-164]. Grape: [2.1.69-72]; [2.3.99-101]. Grass: [4.5.1-4]. Onion: [5.3.318]. Marjoram: [4.5.1-4]. Pear: [1.1.159-164]. Pomegranate: [2.3.258-263]. Rose: rose and thorn [1.3.125-128]; [4.2.17-19]. Rue: herb of grace [4.5.1-4].

General References: thorn [1.3.125-128]; kernel [2.3.258-263]; kernel of nut [2.5.43-49]; twigs [3.5.18-24]; twigs [3.7.106]; straw [4.3.257-261]; briers, thorns, leaves [4.4.30-33]; sallet and herb, [4.5.1-4]; flow’ry way [4.5.50-55]; uncropped flower [5.3.324-327].


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