Plants in Venus and Adonis

Cedar: “who doth the world so gloriously behold that cedar-tops and hills seem burnish’d gold,” [853-852].

Lily: Lily fingers, [223-228]; “A lily prison’d in a jail of snow,/ Or ivory in an alabaster band,/ So white a friend engirts so white a foe” [361-364]; in reference again to Adonis’ flesh, [1051-1056].

Myrtle: [865-868].

Plum: [527-528];

Primrose: Venus lieing on bank of primrose [151-156];

Rose: “rose-cheeked Adonis” [3]; “more white and red than doves and roses are”, [7-12]; war god a prisoner in a red-rose chain [109-112]; has prickles yet is plucked [571-576]; like lawn upon, [589-592]; “gloss on the rose” [931-936];

Violet: “blue-vien’d violets” [125-126]; “smell to the violet,” [931-936].

The ‘Purple Flower’: [1165-1188].

General References: “and never after ear so barren a land, for fear it yield me still so bad a harvest” [dedication]; field’s chief flower, [7-12]; gardens full of flowers [65-66]; fair flowers [131-132]; flowers, trees, [151-156]; herbs, sappy plants and seeds [162-168]; bottom-grass, [235-238]; tree, [263-264]; tree, [391-394]; bud, leaf [415-418]; berry, [457-460]; grass [473-474]; nectar, [571-576]; helpless berries and painted grapes, [601-604]; bushes [629-630]; fresh flowers, [618-623]; tender leaves, [797-798]; bushes, [871-873]. weed, flower [945]; bud (v.) [1141-1143]; grass, [1027-1030]; flower, grass, herb, leaf or weed, [1051-1056]; flower, [1079-1080]; cherries, berries, mulberries, [1101-1104]; flower (three mentions), [1165-1188].


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